Status of pyXML for python 1.5.2 (was Re: [XML-SIG] 4DOM Test Suite not in PYXML.)

Thomas B. Passin
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 12:48:31 -0500

One other question about the pyXML package with regards to
1.5.2 compatibility.

The pyXML package, vintage 5.5.1, I think, used to have its
own version of the xmllib parser.  I have code that uses it.
This version knows to use sgmlop for speed.

This parser isn't in the pyXML 6.1 package.  I copied my
version from 5.5.1 to the python\xml directory so the
modules importing it could find it.

I've lost track of whether it's supposed to be in the pyXML
package or not.  SInce we're now talking about maintaining a
python 1.5.2-compatible version for some time, I suggest
that this parser be put back into the package, for the
benefit of people like me whose code uses it.

What do you think?


Tom Passin