[XML-SIG] Q: Any Solaris users that have successfully installed PyXML?

Brian Fritz brian@watchmark.com
Wed, 04 Oct 2000 09:17:52 -0700


I reviewed the archives for the last couple of months and didn't notice any
posts that seemed relevant to installing PyXML on a Sun SparcStation running
Solaris. My apologies if I stopped looking too soon.

I ftp'd the PyXML- source yesterday and quickly discovered that 
I apparently also needed to install the Distutils-1.0. Reading through the
install isntructions for the Distutils I noticed that it said:

> To use the Distutils under Unix, you must have a *complete* Python
> installation, including the Makefile and config.h used to build Python.

Do I have to build Python from source to install the Distutils to install 
the PyXML modules? 

Has anyone else been down this path for Solaris and can warn me in advance
of any more "traps", or suggest shortcuts?