[XML-SIG] German Umlauts

Juergen Hermann Juergen Hermann" <jh@web.de
Thu, 05 Oct 2000 11:38:13 +0200

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000 11:26:46 +0200, Christian Ellguth wrote:

>Is this a bug in the python sax-parser, or did I omit to tell the 
>documenthandler what to do with named entities ?

No, you omitted to read the XML specs thoroughly. ;)  XML knows exactly =

FIVE entities by default, anything else has to be defined.

You have 3 options:
 1) use encoding=3D"iso-8859-1" and then literal =E4=F6=FC=C4=D6=DC char=
 2) define the entities yourself (or better, include the latin1.ent 
file, which is part of XHTML for example (see the w3c site))
 3) use the numerical representation
Option 1 is what is normally used, option 2 is when you want to re-use 
"old" HTML that is converted to XHTML, option 3 is for quick hacks.

Ciao, J=FCrgen

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