[XML-SIG] Parsers and their behaviours

Christian Ellguth el@buch.biblio.etc.tu-bs.de
Mon, 9 Oct 2000 12:33:46 +0200

Is there any documentation on the various XML-parsers and their capabilit=
ies ?
If yes, where can I find it !

I'am using the



I am a newbie to the Python/XML Library and have tried to understand the=20
symple_appl.py script from Simon Pepping.
If the script encounters the numeric representation of a german umlaut it=
diplays the umlaut in the correct way but the parser adds an additional \=
n to=20
the character but continues parsing the XML-File.

If I use the drv_xmlproc.SAX_XPParser in my script the parser continues t=
parse the file but all strings containing numerical representations of=20
entities are shortened after the entity and the rest of the string is los=

Thank you for your replies

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