[XML-SIG] How to proceed

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
16 Oct 2000 10:35:59 +0200

Now that SAX 2.0 is more-or-less done I am ready to start working on
other Python-XML projects.  I'd like to hear the opinion of those of
you here on how to proceed.  Below is a list of projects that I am
thinking about (I can't actually promise that I will get round to all
of them).  

The question is, where do you think development of these packages
ought to happen?  As part of the XML-SIG work, as a separate
SourceForge project or privately, the way I've done so far.

  This needs to be updated to XML 1.0 2nd ed, extended with Unicode
  support and a SAX 2.0 driver (I have 95% of one ready) and also
  improved in various ways.

  This has not been taken very far yet, but could become a useful
  package if more thought and effort were put into it.

  I plan for this package to contain lots of SAX 2.0-related
  utilities, like DOM2SAX walkers, XInclude and XBase filters, more
  advanced parser instantiation tools, more drivers etc.

  This is a toolkit for working with RSS documents that I have had
  lying around for more than a year.  It's now getting much closer to
  being useful; the question is where I should develop it further.

--Lars M.