Fw: [XML-SIG] consolidation?

Frank J.S. Chen frank63@ms5.hinet.net
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 13:39:22 -0000

> Andrew Kuchling writes:
>  > On the other hand, integration work on the PyXML package has stalled;
>  > I don't have time to do it, and this situation seems unlikely to
>  > change for a while to come.  No one else has stepped forward to do
>  > anything about this, either; it's a sad situation, but there seems
>  > little that can be done about it.
>   I plan to take a look at it, but it won't be until next week.

And another problem...

PyXML doesn't conform to the specifications. Xmlproc's methods and
for SAX parsing don't follow the SAX standard and this will be a problem
for people 
who want to use Python as a XML solution. Because one has to re-learn all
methodology that xmlproc offers. I cannot write an application for parsing
with just the 
knowledge of the core Python language and the SAX standard.We can use
or drv_pyexpat as a top-layer to solve this problem, though, but this will
still stop people 
who want to use both Java and Python to write XML-aware applications; they
will choose
Java first and even JPython.

The DOM implementation has the same problem:the method has its special
As I write applications with it, I have to reference its code all the time.

These are, truely, all great works in PyXML package, but as for longevity,
I think it better
to follow and keep with the standard. Microsofts wanted to break the law,
but they 
failed in law.

Frank Chen