Fw: [XML-SIG] consolidation?

uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 02:00:37 -0600

I'm sorry, but I'm sure I don't have a clue what you're on about.

> And another problem...
> PyXML doesn't conform to the specifications. Xmlproc's methods and
> mechanisms 
> for SAX parsing don't follow the SAX standard and this will be a problem
> for people 
> who want to use Python as a XML solution. Because one has to re-learn all
> the 
> methodology that xmlproc offers.

Almost no parser on earth, whether in Python, Perl, Java, C, C++, TCL or 
Sanskrit follows SAX.  Rather, they provide SAX interfaces in addition to 
their native interfaces.  xmlproc is no exception.  If you want to use SAX, 
well, just use SAX!  saxlib works just fine for Python.

There is nothing to re-learn.

Remember that SAX does not provide some things that are very important to some 
XML programmers.  It rather goes for the 80% of use.  Good for most users, but 
a good reason to keep native interfaces around.

> I cannot write an application for parsing
> with just the 
> knowledge of the core Python language and the SAX standard.We can use
> drv_xmlproc
> or drv_pyexpat as a top-layer to solve this problem, though, but this will
> still stop people 
> who want to use both Java and Python to write XML-aware applications; they
> will choose
> Java first and even JPython.

Uh, how does useing a SAX layer "stop" anyone?  See above.  All the Java 
parsers I know of provide native interfaces under SAX.  xmlproc is not unique.

> The DOM implementation has the same problem:the method has its special
> name.
> As I write applications with it, I have to reference its code all the time.

Again, I don't see what you're saying.  The DOM in PyXML (4DOM) is fully DOM 
Level 2 compliant.  We _add_ some functionality, as _every_ DOM library out 
there does, but it's all either flagged with _4dom_ prefixes or tucked away in 
the ext subdirectory.

Note that if we didn't provide a way to at least parse a document into DOM 
(which is not ter standardized by the DOM WG), it would not be much use, would 

> These are, truely, all great works in PyXML package, but as for longevity,
> I think it better
> to follow and keep with the standard. Microsofts wanted to break the law,
> but they 
> failed in law.

OK, not the PyXML developers are compared to Microsoft.  I think that 
effectively ends the argument.

If you have a particular problem, I assure you you will get a lot of help from 
this list.  But you'll want to be careful about making so many odd accusations.

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