Fw: [XML-SIG] consolidation?

Martin v. Loewis martin@loewis.home.cs.tu-berlin.de
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 13:21:46 +0200

> PyXML doesn't conform to the specifications. Xmlproc's methods and
> mechanisms for SAX parsing don't follow the SAX standard and this
> will be a problem for people who want to use Python as a XML
> solution.

Can you give a specific example where xmlproc deviates from the SAX
API? What is wrong with


if you insist on creating a SAX reader using xmlproc, or with


if you just want a validating parser, which happens to be

I would not recommend anybody to use the raw xmlproc API... As far as
I can tell, the resulting parsers slavishly follow SAX.

> Because one has to re-learn all the methodology that xmlproc
> offers. I cannot write an application for parsing with just the
> knowledge of the core Python language and the SAX standard.

Again, please elaborate. How should it work, and why doesn't it work
that way?

> We can use drv_xmlproc or drv_pyexpat as a top-layer to solve this
> problem, though, but this will still stop people who want to use
> both Java and Python to write XML-aware applications; they will
> choose Java first and even JPython.

Why is that? Nobody even needs to know that we have a driver called
pyexpat, and one called xmlproc.

> The DOM implementation has the same problem:the method has its
> special name.

Again, please elaborate. Which method has which name?