[XML-SIG] consolidation?

Frank J.S. Chen frank63@ms5.hinet.net
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 20:31:39 -0000

> There are two reasons for this, the most important being that xmlproc
> is older than SAX, and so obviously could not start out with a SAX
> interface. Secondly, the xmlproc APIs still offer a lot of
> functionality that SAX does not, although once SAX 2.0 is finalized it
> could conceivably start using a SAX 2.0 interface. 
> The problem is that there are a quite a few users out there that use
> the old interface, and I don't want to break their applications by
> changing my interfaces. Nor do I see much of a need, since SAX
> provides a SAX-based interface to xmlproc.

I don't know the history of xmlproc. I apologize for commenting on this 
subject without considering the historical backgrounds and the community

But from an outside user perspective, "standard" is an approach to judge
usability of many tools. 

Frank Chen