[XML-SIG] Python embedding of LTXML, a C-based validating XML parser, released

Henry S. Thompson ht@cogsci.ed.ac.uk
13 Sep 2000 13:40:05 +0100

I've finally got the licensing sorted out.  PyLTXML is now available [1]
in both source and Win32 binary forms, under the GPL (i.e. you can use 
the binary, but not distribute it unless you get and distribute the
sources as well).  Both 8- and 16-bit versions are available:  16-bit
only known to work with 1.6a1 and later, should work with 2.0 but not
tried yet.

The API is a combination of low-level and tree-based, allowing fast
scanning of large files for hotspots you care about without the
overhead of structure-building until you hit the part(s) you care

XED [2] and XSV [3] are both built in Python on top of this technology.


[1] http://www.ltg.ed.ac.uk/software/xml/
[2] http://www.ltg.ed.ac.uk/~ht/xed.html
[3] http://www.ltg.ed.ac.uk/~ht/xsv-status.html
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