[XML-SIG] 4Suite 0.9.0 Release Candidate

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 23:28:32 -0600

We're still struggling with Distutils, but we thought it would be useful
to release the source.

4DOM, 4XSLT and 4XPath are now rolled into one distutils package: 4Suite
version 0.9.0.  In addition, 4RDF and 4ODS are publicly released for the
first time and avaialable in the package.

There are many bug-fixes and improvements and several significant
optimizations (we've found 4XSLT 2 to 10 times faster than the last
release).  This includes a beta of a lightweight DOM implementation in

The source build should work just fine (it's the RPMs and Windows builds
that have been giving us trouble).  Download




Python 1.5.2 (we haven't had a chance to test with 1.6) and Distutils
0.9.2 are required.

You'll have to build BisonGen first: untar it and change to the
directory, then

python setup.py install

And then do the same for theh 4Suite package.

Next, to speed things up, you'll want to strip the debugging traces:

change to the $PYTHONHOME/site-packages/xml directory and run

strip_traceout -r dom/
strip_traceout -r xpath/
strip_traceout -r xslt/
strip_traceout -r rdf/
strip_traceout -r ods/

Then start from the README int he top-level 4Suite docs, and you're
ready to go.  Hopefully we'll sort out the binary packaging and have
final releases tomorrow or so.  In the meantime let us know if anything
is completely broken so we might get it fixed in the final package. 
Note that our entire test-suite now comes in the package (installed with
the docs of each component).

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