[XML-SIG] 4XSLT Performance Problems with Large Files

Brian Quinlan brian@sweetapp.com
Wed, 15 Aug 2001 11:24:39 -0700

Thomas wrote:
> At the start of the tests, I had from 194 to 210 MB free.  I ran Saxon
> 5.5.1, msxsl (the Microsoft command line wrapper around msxml3), a
> script 4xslt.py that I wrote some time ago, and the 4xslt.bat file as
> supplied with 4Suite.  My script uses cDomlette; I don't know  what
> 4xslt.bat uses, though I suspect it's not cDomlette for reasons that
> be apparent.

Are there any features of 4xslt that you need that aren't available in
other XSLT processors? Or is it just the convenience of doing XSLT
transformations directly in Python that leads you to want to use 4xslt?

If it is the later, Python buildings for Xalan, the Apache groups XSLT
processor, are available (the Windows release has the most convenient
installation process, if you have a choice of platforms to experiment


If you are willing to send me your XML and XSLT files then I can do the
transformation with Xalan and tell you how long it takes.