Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 17:18:07 +0100

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// $Revision: 1.8 $
module XPath{

  typedef wstring DOMString;

  const unsigned short ABSOLUTE_LOCATION_PATH = 1;
  const unsigned short ABBREVIATED_ABSOLUTE_LOCATION_PATH = 2;
  const unsigned short RELATIVE_LOCATION_PATH = 3;
  const unsigned short ABBREVIATED_RELATIVE_LOCATION_PATH = 4;
  const unsigned short STEP_EXPR = 5; // STEP would conflict with Step in case
  const unsigned short NODE_TEST = 6;
  const unsigned short NAME_TEST = 7;
  const unsigned short BOOLEAN_EXPR = 8;
  const unsigned short NUMERIC_EXPR = 9;
  const unsigned short PATH_EXPR = 10;
  const unsigned short ABBREVIATED_PATH_EXPR = 11; // filter '//' path
  const unsigned short FILTER_EXPR = 12;
  const unsigned short VARIABLE_REFERENCE = 13;
  const unsigned short LITERAL_EXPR = 14;
  const unsigned short NUMBER_EXPR = 15;
  const unsigned short FUNCTION_CALL = 16;

  // XSLT
  const unsigned short PATTERN = 17;
  const unsigned short LOCATION_PATTERN = 18;
  const unsigned short RELATIVE_PATH_PATTERN = 19;
  const unsigned short STEP_PATTERN = 20;

  Interface Expr{
    readonly attribute unsigned short exprType;
    DOMString pprint();

  interface AbsoluteLocationPath;
  interface AbbreviatedAbsoluteLocationPath;
  interface RelativeLocationPath;
  interface Step;
  interface AxisSpecifier;
  interface NodeTest;
  typedef sequence<Expr> PredicateList, ExprList;
  interface NameTest;
  interface NumericExpr;
  interface UnaryExpr;
  interface UnionExpr;
  interface PathExpr;
  interface FilterExpr;
  interface VariableReference;
  interface Literal;
  interface Number;
  interface FunctionCall;

  interface ExprFactory{
    AbsoluteLocationPath createAbsoluteLocationPath(in RelativeLocationPath p);
    AbsoluteLocationPath createAbbreviatedAbsoluteLocationPath(in RelativeLocationPath p);
    RelativeLocationPath createRelativeLocationPath(in RelativeLocationPath left,
						    in Step right);
    RelativeLocationPath createAbbreviatedRelativeLocationPath(in RelativeLocationPath left,
							       in Step right);
    Step createStep(in AxisSpecifier axis, in NodeTest test, in PredicateList predicates);
    // . is represented as self::node(); .. as parent::node()
    Step createAbbreviatedStep(in boolean dotdot); // false for .; true for ..
    // An omitted axisname is created as CHILD; @ is created as ATTRIBUTE
    AxisSpecifier createAxisSpecifier(in unsigned short name);
    NodeTest createNodeTest(in unsigned short type);
    NameTest createNameTest(in DOMString prefix, in DOMString localName);
    NumericExpr createNumericExpr(in unsigned short operator, in Expr left, in Expr right);
    UnaryExpr createBooleanExpr(in unsigned short operator, in Expr left, in Expr right);
    PathExpr createPathExpr(in Expr filter, in Expr path);
    // filter '//' path
    PathExpr createAbbreviatedPathExpr(in Expr filter, in Expr path);
    FilterExpr createFilterExpr(in Expr filter, in Expr predicate);
    // the name must not contain the leading $
    VariableReference createVariableReference(in DOMString prefix, in DOMString localName);
    Literal createLiteral(in DOMString literal);
    Number createNumber(in DOMString value);
    FunctionCall createFunctionCall(in DOMString prefix, in DOMString localName, in ExprList args);

  interface Parser{
    Expr parseExpr(in DOMString path);
  interface AbsoluteLocationPath:Expr{
    /* '/' relative-opt, or '//' relative */
    readonly attribute Expr relative; // step or relative path, or null

  interface RelativeLocationPath:Expr{
    readonly attribute Expr left; // step or relative path
    readonly attribute Step right;

  interface Step:Expr{
    readonly attribute AxisSpecifier axis;
    readonly attribute NodeTest test;
    readonly attribute PredicateList predicates;

  const unsigned short ANCESTOR_AXIS = 1;
  const unsigned short ANCESTOR_OR_SELF_AXIS = 2;
  const unsigned short ATTRIBUTE_AXIS = 3; // attribute is a keyword
  const unsigned short CHILD_AXIS = 4;
  const unsigned short DESCENDANT_AXIS = 5;
  const unsigned short DESCENDANT_OR_SELF_AXIS = 6;
  const unsigned short FOLLOWING_AXIS = 7;
  const unsigned short FOLLOWING_SIBLING_AXIS = 8;
  const unsigned short NAMESPACE_AXIS = 9;
  const unsigned short PARENT_AXIS = 10;
  const unsigned short PRECEDING_AXIS = 11;
  const unsigned short PRECEDING_SIBLING_AXIS = 12;
  const unsigned short SELF_AXIS = 13;
  interface AxisSpecifier:Expr{
    readonly attribute unsigned short axisType;

  const unsigned short COMMENT = 1;
  const unsigned short TEXT = 2;
  const unsigned short PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION = 3;
  const unsigned short NODE = 4;
  interface NodeTest:Expr{
    readonly attribute unsigned short testType;
    readonly attribute DOMString literal; // only for PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION

  interface NameTest:Expr{
    readonly attribute DOMString prefix; // may be null
    readonly attribute DOMString localName; // may be "*"

  // objects implement either NumericExpr or BooleanExpr
  interface BinaryExpr:Expr{
    readonly attribute unsigned short operator;
    readonly attribute Expr left,right;

  const unsigned short OR_OPERATOR = 1;
  const unsigned short AND_OPERATOR = 2;
  const unsigned short EQ_OPERATOR = 3;
  const unsigned short NEQ_OPERATOR = 4;
  const unsigned short LT_OPERATOR = 5;
  const unsigned short GT_OPERATOR = 6;
  const unsigned short LE_OPERATOR = 7;
  const unsigned short GE_OPERATOR = 8;

  interface BooleanExpr:BinaryExpr{

  const unsigned short PLUS_OPERATOR = 9;
  const unsigned short MINUS_OPERATOR = 10;
  const unsigned short TIMES_OPERATOR = 11;
  const unsigned short DIV_OPERATOR = 12;
  const unsigned short MOD_OPERATOR = 13;
  const unsigned short UNION_OPERATOR = 14;

  interface NumericExpr:BinaryExpr{

  interface PathExpr:Expr{
    readonly attribute Expr filter;
    readonly attribute Expr path;

  interface FilterExpr:Expr{
    readonly attribute Expr filter;
    readonly attribute Expr predicate;

  interface VariableReference:Expr{
    readonly attribute DOMString name;

  interface Literal:Expr{
    readonly attribute DOMString value;

  interface Number:Expr{
    readonly attribute double value;

  interface FunctionCall:Expr{
    readonly attribute DOMString name;
    readonly attribute ExprList args;

  // XSLT
  interface Pattern;
  interface LocationPathPattern;
  interface RelativePathPattern;
  interface StepPattern;

  interface PatternFactory:ExprFactory{
    Pattern createPattern(in LocationPathPattern first);
    // If idkey is not null, it represents IdKeyPattern
    // if parent is true, it is '/', else '//'
    // rel may be null
    LocationPathPattern createLocationPathPattern(in FunctionCall idkey,
						  boolean parent,
						  in RelativePathPattern rel);
    // if parent is true, it is /, else //
    RelativePathPattern createRelativePathPattern(in RelativePathPattern rel,
						  boolean parent,
						  in StepPattern step);
    StepPattern createStepPattern(in AxisSpecifier axis,
				  in NodeTest test,
				  in PredicateList predicates);

  typedef sequence<LocationPathPattern> LocationPathPatterns;
  interface Pattern:Expr{
    readonly attribute LocationPathPatterns patterns;
    void append(in LocationPathPattern pattern);

  interface LocationPathPattern:Expr{
    readonly attribute FunctionCall idkey;
    readonly attribute boolean parent;
    readonly attribute RelativePathPattern relative_pattern;

  interface RelativePathPattern:Expr{
    readonly attribute RelativePathPattern relative;
    readonly attribute boolean parent;
    readonly attribute StepPattern step;

  interface StepPattern:Expr{
    readonly attribute AxisSpecifier axis;
    readonly attribute NodeTest test;
    readonly attribute PredicateList predicates;

  interface XSLTParser:Parser{
    Pattern parsePattern(in DOMString pattern);