[XML-SIG] problems with PyXML 0.6.3

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 07:20:01 -0700

> >     I had 2 tests fail:
> >     test test_sax crashed --
> >         exception.SystemError : 'finally' pops bad exception
> >     test test_saxdrivers crashed --
> >         exceptions.IOError : [Errno url error] unknown url type: 'c'
> The first is the same problem I tried to reproduce yesterday.  It
> happens only on Windows NT or Windows 2000 with the installed
> XML package.  I only wish I had some time to look into the coding
> (I will try).  Downgrading to an older version of the expat extension
> may help; the one supplied with Python2.0 does not have the problem.

I think this may be the sort of problem Guido was pointing to this weekend.  
My guess is that you specified "c:\foo\bar.xml" as for parsing, and the 
software checked and saw that that file did not exist, and then tried to 
interpret it as a URL.

So as usual, it seems the BDFL is right, but not for the reasons he originally 

So can we think of a better algorithm than the current "check for file, and if 
it doesn't exist, just blindly toss it to urllib)?

I personally think it's more important to be able to interpret things as URL 
than to interpret things as a file-name.

Maybe a flag named "force_file_interpretation" or the like is in order.

This problem affects 4Suite as well.

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