[XML-SIG] problems with PyXML 0.6.3

Thomas B. Passin tpassin@home.com
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 22:40:52 -0500

Sorry, for style 1) I meant this instead:

 1) file:///d/temp/python/thefile.xml

Using this style, the root of the path would be d/, and you don't need the

> I think we should come to an agreement with the maintainer of the urllib
> the allowed forms for file: schemes.  It's mainly on Windows (and, perhaps,
> Macs) that there would be a problem.  My preferred forms are these, for a
> at d:\temp\python\thefile.xml -
> 1) file:///d:/temp/python/thefile.xml
> 2) file:///d:\temp\python\thefile.xml