[XML-SIG] Python SOAP Implementations

Laurent Szyster l.szyster@ibm.net
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 13:36:10 +0100

Juergen Hermann wrote:
> I know of two SOAP implementations for Python:
>  * soaplib.py by PythonWare, more or less beta software
>  * Scarab - the WANT to implement SOAP, there's already a module named
> SOAP.py, but they're seemingly not ready yet
> Any other implementations you know of?

I've wrote a small SOAP server prototype for a customer,
using Medusa, pyexpat and a simplistic DOM based on
qp_xml.py (from Greg Stein).

But I did not implement a SOAP library (something that
instanciate objects from an XML stream and reverse).

The technique used for processing a SOAP request is to
pass a simple DOM instance to a function (actually, call
the __call__ method of the DOM instance), along with a
file-like instance where to "print" the response SOAP

class SOAP_request (DOM.DOM):

    def __call__ (dom, stdout):

It's then up to this function to walk down the tree for
parameters, do what the procedure must do and output a
SOAP envelope response.

I cannot publish this prototype code, but I'm ready to
share my experience with the Apache SOAP toolkit.

Laurent Szyster