[XML-SIG] windows installer for XML package failing on Window s 95

Rolander, Dan Dan.Rolander@marriott.com
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 14:03:58 -0500

There are two possible problems. Either your missing MSVCRT.DLL, or you need
to update COMCTL32.DLL. The latter is probably the problem, because if
you're missing the first dll you'll get a warning telling you that, but if
you have an older version of comctl32.dll the installer will crash (I had
this same problem). You can get the update from
http://www.microsoft.com/msdownload/ieplatform/ie/comctrlx86.asp. There are
installers for IE 4.01 and IE 5.0.


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> I tried to install the XML package onto a Windoze 95 box a few days
> ago and it does not work.  The installer crashes without unpacking
> source or opening any window.  This may be a distutils issue.

It certainly sounds like one. I recommend to contact the author of the
bdist_wininst command, Thomas Heller; or to post a message to the
distutils SIG. I believe I've used distutils 1.0 to create teh

> First: I can successfully unpack the executable with winzip and move
> the package directory into Python20/Lib.  This seems to work, but I
> am not sure if I should also patch any existing files.  Is there a
> script inside the installer that I should run after unpacking?

No, nothing. The installer does not support any post-processing, AFAIK.

> I did not find a setup.py; the source package won't help me because
> I would have to install a compiler for the extensions, right?


> 1. The installer crashes only on this one Libretto 50ct Laptop with
> Windows 95, second edition.  I have successfully used it on other
> Windows computers.

Unfortunately, this is a multi-level bootstrapping. The installer GUI
might use some Windows DLLs or Windows API in the wrong way. However,
the installer itself is compressed with an auto-uncompression program,
which might also fail.

> 2. Before installing the XML package, I first removed Python 1.5.2, then
> removed the TCL/TK that came with 1.5.2, then installed Python 2.0.  I did
> not have Python 1.5.2 on the other systems I installed the package on.
> I also have an older (don't rememver the exact) version of Winzip on the
> Libretto - can the Winzip DLL be the source of my problem?

Unlikely. The installer has the InfoZip library statically linked.


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