[XML-SIG] Roadmap document - finally!

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Sat, 17 Feb 2001 10:19:09 -0700

> We would benefit from a good test suite that is easy to run, self-evaluates
> the results, contains plenty of regression tests, and makes it easy to add
> tests.  Although I know that no one (including me) wants to spend time on
> this, once it's accomplished, we should be able to improve the quality of the
> results while spending less effort on testing and bug fixing.
> I suggest we look at using pyUnit for this.  I only looked at it for a few
> minutes, but it looks promising.  It might make sense to use the OASIS parser
> test cases as a part of the test suite.

Looks as if PyUnit is about to be elevated to The True Python Unit Testing 
System, so I guess this makes sense.

> Second, I think the road map should include directions for future work.
> What's in there now is mostly finishing up on current work.  What might we
> want to get into?  One thing is to keep the standard tools up with newer
> versions of existing W3C Recs.  This would include DOM 3,

On its way.

> and the new releases
> of xpath,

None yet.

> xslt,

I'm still conducting a Jihad against XSLT 1.1 on xsl-list (and the 
xsl-editors@w3.org list).  Hopefully I can get them to ditch xsl:script.  
Looks as if I have quite a bit of support, but who ever knows what the W3C 
will do?

> and xpointer.

4XPointer in 0.10.2 is about 90% there.  A bit of work left on points and 

> We did this for SAX2, and surely we will
> want/need to do the same for the other key recs.  Let's sketch out these
> intents in the Roadmap.
> Next in the way of future directions would be important new Recs.  Xml Schemas
> would seem to be a prime candidate.  Is anyone working or wanting to work on
> py-xml-xchemas?

Eww!  XSchemas got cooties!  I'm not touching it.  I'd rather see if Lars 
comes up with anything on Hook.

But I know, I know, someone will have to implement XSchemas for maximum Python 

> Can we get some of Henry Thompson's code?  What about an API
> for xml schemas? Can we take the lead in that? Or do we not want to (or no one
> is personally interested?).  Let's get it into the Roadmap.
> Then there are the non-standards things.  Is pyXml going to do anything with
> RDF?

There is 4RDF.  Does PyXML really need to dupe the effort?  4RDF is a *very* 
advanced RDF implementation, even though I say so myself.



> Topic maps?

I think Lars and Geir are manning this fort.

> What else?  Into the roadmap, even if there is no one to work
> on such projects at the moment.


XQL has finally awoken from its funk
Experimental parser-level XInclude and XML:Base support maybe
A low-level Infoset API would be interesting
Schematron implemented in Python rather than XSLT
WebDAV client services

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