[XML-SIG] Roadmap document - finally!

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
18 Feb 2001 17:45:52 +0100

* Tom Passin
| Second, I think the road map should include directions for future work.
| What's in there now is mostly finishing up on current work.  What might we
| want to get into?  One thing is to keep the standard tools up with newer
| versions of existing W3C Recs.  This would include DOM 3,

* Uche Ogbuji
| On its way.

Should I add a 4DOM section and note that DOM 3 support is in the
| But I know, I know, someone will have to implement XSchemas for
| maximum Python Buzzworthiness.

Henry Thompson has already done this for us. As far as I understand
his implementation can be used with any parser, so we may want to make
a SAX filter that can do schema validation based on his stuff. Does
anyone have opinions on this?
| [Topic maps]
| I think Lars and Geir are manning this fort.

Geir Ove is probably not going to work much more on tmproc. At least
not in the near future. (He's got a commercial Java implementation to
worry about.) I'll probably have to add SAX 2.0 and XTM support at
some stage, but those holding their breaths waiting for this do so at
their peril.
| Off-head:
| XQL has finally awoken from its funk

Would be interesting to see an implementation based on DbDom.

| Experimental parser-level XInclude and XML:Base support maybe

I would say that this belongs in SAX filters.  This is planned for

| A low-level Infoset API would be interesting

Personally I would prefer to see a nice tree-based XML API. My
personal opinion is that the DOM stinks and needs replacement.  Sean
McGrath's xTree looks far better, in my opinion.

| Schematron implemented in Python rather than XSLT


| WebDAV client services

Maybe, though probably not in the XML-SIG package.

--Lars M.