[XML-SIG] DTD design: include categorization, or use RDF?

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Wed, 28 Feb 2001 11:24:32 -0800

On Tuesday 27 February 2001 08:23, Andrew Kuchling wrote:
> I'm revisiting and extending my quotation DTD this week, hence my
> suddenly asking a bunch of questions here.  I'm wondering about
> categorization.  A common application would be to group quotations
> into categories.  I can add a category element or attribute, but then
> someone comes along who wants to sort quotes by newsgroup, or by date,
> or by some other wacky thing.  I can invent a general syntax, but
> that's just reinventing RDF badly, so RDF seems like the obvious
> course.

Have you considered Topic Maps, as a possible alternative to RDF?


There's now an Open Source TM engine in Python: