[XML-SIG] PyXPath 1.1

Ken MacLeod ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us
03 Jan 2001 05:34:52 -0600

Mike Olson <Mike.Olson@fourthought.com> writes:

> uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com wrote:
> > >
> > > Likely! :-) I briefly skimmed the source and 4suite.org and
> > > can't seem to get a good description of what those structures
> > > look like, is there a URL I missed?
> > 
> > There is no such beast.  These were originally intended to be
> > purely internal objects.  If we decided to expose them as an API,
> > we'd want to decide on the naming (Martin doesn't like the
> > "Parsed" prefixes, I'm +0 on killing them) and document them
> > properly.
> I'm confused.  This thread originally started as an interface from
> multiple lexers into 4XPath (if I remeber correctly).  However, the
> Parsed* classes in 4XPath are created by the parser (Bison).  This
> is why I originally recommended the interface of a token stream to
> feed into the parser (currently Bison, but could be replaced with a
> python only version).

I'm the one who asked for the resulting parse tree, rather than the
token stream.

I would like to use the XPath (already parsed, thanks everyone!) to
traverse other structures, like Py objects (where Py object attribute
names stand in for XML element names).

  -- Ken