[XML-SIG] Proposing a web services SIG

Rich Salz rsalz@zolera.com
Wed, 02 May 2001 13:16:51 -0400

I'd like to propose a new SIG, Web Services.  Web services uses XML and
related standards (schema, wsdl, soap, uddi) to provide a distributed
computing infrastructure.

There is a great deal of Python activity starting up here -- several
SOAP implementation, interop work, WSDL parsing, etc.  Much of the
information exchange has been late-night point-to-point email, and it's
time to provide a visible focal point for this activity.

Our feeling (a few of us have chatted about this) is that the web
services community generally takes Sax, DOM, etc., "for granted" and
that it makes more sense to create a new SIG rather than be part of
XML-SIG.  XML Schema is a likely area of overlap, and we'll work
together to handle that.

In terms of code, web pages, etc., we'd follow the (high) standards of
the XML Sig.

Comments, next steps?