[XML-SIG] RE: SOAP for Python

Rich Salz rsalz@zolera.com
Thu, 03 May 2001 09:58:45 -0400

> What is this naivete you're
> talking about?

If you asked 100 people who were building SOAP applications
	Did you know we could both be compliant but use different data
	transfers and therefore be unable to interoperate?
I'll bet more than half would be surprised, and more than 80% would say
"yes, but doesn't everyone at least support the common scheme."

I agree WSDL is way important, which is one of the motivators for a
web-services SIG.

I disagree that Sec5's inefficiencies doom it to failure, and it's
installed base will be enough to ensure it's viability.  But that's a
simple bet whose answer we'll know in a couple of years.  Not worth
arguing over.