[XML-SIG] Curiouser and curiouser

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Wed, 09 May 2001 09:18:38 -0600

> > * take the business process, internationalization and authority-of-record work
> > hammered out in EDI.
> > * Use Internet transport (HTTP/SMTP) rather than VAN/BBS, Use XML as the
> > payload for human readibility, inexpensive app integration and extensibility
> > * Use a unified structured meta-data model for decription and modeling.
> So you must be a big fan of ebXML.
> Me, too. :)

You got it.  I should rather clarigy that I prefer ebXML to the WSDL/UDDI 
camp, because they are standing on the shoulders of the EDI giants.  I have a 
*great* deal of respect for EDI in general, and I think that the main problem 
with it was the unfortunate power that the main VANs such as GEIS, Sterling 
and Harbinger acquired, which strangled innovation and evolution.

I think that the UDDI camp's insistence on reinventing it all is horrid form, 
and at the WSWS it looked to me as if the impetus behind reinventing it all 
was for each vendor to make as much of a land grab as possible on 
B2B-next-generation.  I have no problem with the profit motive, but hypocrisy 

BTW, any luck on setting up that Web services SIG?  We're pretty close to 
off-topic in this discussion, but I'd like it to continue, especially with 
regard to coordingating Python efforts in Web services.

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