[XML-SIG] What are the limits of soap and python?

Martin v. Loewis martin@loewis.home.cs.tu-berlin.de
Thu, 10 May 2001 07:56:45 +0200

> I am pretty confused by the SOAP discussion (it hasn't any connection with 
> the operas browser movement has it!!).

I don't know what the operas browswer movement is, but I guess it has
no connection to SOAP, no.

> I imagine it is like OCX, Dynamic Data Exchange, Windows Script, applescript 
> !!

Not really. SOAP messages are typically received by Web servers; I
don't think anybody uses them to control applications on the same

> Can it push buttons on the system and fill out text fields, with
> text and automate through applications?

SOAP, on its own, is just a protocol for access to objects. Whether
the objects, when accessed, fill out text fields - that is up to the
objects being accessed. You cannot push buttons using SOAP.

> Can I set it up hot folders with it to send pictures through
> photoshop, OCR and databases??

I'm not sure what a hot folder is, but I guess photoshop would not
react to or emit SOAP messages; nor do I know any database system that
supports SOAP directly (although many web servers may give indirect
access to a database through SOAP).

> is that even possible in python?

Doing all these things is possible in Python, I believe - but you'ld
have to do them without SOAP.