[XML-SIG] building XML docs using ?

Thomas B. Passin tpassin@home.com
Tue, 15 May 2001 19:55:15 -0400

[Joe Murray]
> So, with regard to speed, is there an XSLT processor (python or not)
> which take a SAX-like event-driven approach to transforming XML?  I know
> this doesn't deal fully with the dynamicity of an XSL doc, but it would
> be useful.  I checked some old xml-dev, xml-sig... I can't vouch for the
> people who were discussing such a processor and given the fact that most
> of the posts were circa 1999... I couldn't find a straightforward
> answer.  Does Sablotron support this?  It seems as if the Oracle XML
> parsers packages do... but after some surfin', I ain't certain...

Some processors can do lazy evaluation and thereby avoid computing branches
that aren't used in a particular transformation.  I'm pretty sure Xalan does
this, and I think Saxon can be asked to. Of course, if your source document
and transform need to pull together nodes from all parts of the document,
this won't help.

Otherwise, some processors can ingest the xml via SAX as well as the/a DOM,
but they then build their own DOM model.


Tom P