[XML-SIG] Small problem in XML parsing

Shriyash, Divekar (CTS) DShriyash@pun.cognizant.com
Thu, 17 May 2001 16:05:30 +0530

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Hi Folks,

Have got a small problem in XML parsing.

I wish to append a new element in my XML file without creating new Elements.
General methodology is to first remove all the available tags & then by
'document.createElement', create the new required element.

My requirement is to point to already available element and append new child
to it.

	<role-name> New Role</role-name>
	<principal-name> abc </principal-name>
	<principal-name> def </principal-name>

Here, <principal-name> <value> </principal-name>  will go on adding.

I wish to point to already available  '<role-name> New Role</role-name>'
tags & the append new principals to it.
XML does not diffrentiates between <role-name>  & <principal-name>  tags.

This may look a very simple problem but causing us bit more efforts.

We would be very happy if anybody can throw  light on it.

Thanx in advance


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