[XML-SIG] Re: [4suite] Disentangling StylesheetReader from Ft.Lib

Karl Anderson karl@digicool.com
21 May 2001 16:38:55 -0700

Mike Olson <Mike.Olson@fourthought.com> writes:

> "Martin v. Loewis" wrote:
> > 
> > I've tried to update my 4XSLT port to use the 4Suite 0.11 code base,
> > only to discover that the StyleseetReader class is now much stronger
> > connected to Ft.Lib than before, in particular to classes from
> > pDomletteReader, and their specific instance attributes.
> I was just in there as well and quite suprised how complex the code has
> become.  I thought of doing some work on it but figured, it ain't
> broke.....

> Is pDomlette the only import from Ft.Lib?  If so, why not move pDomlette
> into xml.utils?  Better yet, let's merge pDomlette and minidom so there
> is only one domlette.  pDomlette has greatly out grown its original
> purpose so I have not problems with moving it into XML-Sig.

If you're suggesting that the DOMs should be consolidated so that
tools like PyXML's XSLT could support only that DOM, I hope you'll
reconsider.  I'd like Zope's DOM to be usable by PyXML's XSLT and
XPath implementations.

There are some hurdles to this, though.  The tests are only usable
with 4Suite, which makes it harder to find inconsistencies.
Submitting patches to 4Suite's implementations wouldn't be helpful for
my goals, because 4Suite's XSLT and XPath processors have become more
reliant on its particular DOM since these modules were forked to

Karl Anderson                          karl@digicool.com