[XML-SIG] Re: [4suite] Disentangling StylesheetReader from Ft.Lib

Karl Anderson karl@digicool.com
21 May 2001 19:07:25 -0700

Mike Olson <Mike.Olson@fourthought.com> writes:

> Karl Anderson wrote:
> > 
> > There are some hurdles to this, though.  The tests are only usable
> > with 4Suite, which makes it harder to find inconsistencies.
> > Submitting patches to 4Suite's implementations wouldn't be helpful for
> > my goals, because 4Suite's XSLT and XPath processors have become more
> > reliant on its particular DOM since these modules were forked to
> > PyXML.
> Actually, the tests would be easy to fix to use another DOM, (though I'm
> not sure how you would do it in Zope as I ran into many hurdles
> executing ZDOM outside of the Zope environment).

I don't know that ZDOM is a good measure of usefulness with other
DOMs - I haven't really looked at it, much less tested it.  Right now
I'm concentrating on ParsedXML's DOM.

For a simple example of using PyXML's XPath with ParsedXML:
You do need a Zope installation with ParsedXML, although you don't
need to actually run Zope :)

If you want to use ParsedXML to test usability with other DOM
implementations, I'd be glad to help.

>  Hoever, to do this,
> edit the file test_harness.py.  It is used by every 4XSLT test script. 
> Either add a test for ParsedXML, or replace all of the existing tests
> with a parsedXML test.  Then just run test.py and all of the 4XSLT tests
> will use Parsed XML.

Thanks, I'll look into this when I can.

> I don't understand the more reliant part.  How have we become more
> reliant.  Are you talking about the fact that MArtin did a lot of work
> when he first moved 4XSLT into PyXML to disentangle 4XSLT from Ft.Lib? 
> Then its not really more reliant, just not ported yet.

Perhaps I misread the CVS histories.  I was looking into how PyXML and
4Suite depended on the included DOM implementations, and I thought
that 4XPath was copied over to PyXML, and that after that updates to
4Suite's tree made it dependent on its DOM.  But looking again (I was
running into trouble with XPath/Conversions.py), there seems to have
been some syncing and stuff going on, I'd have to do some work to
convince myself that I was correct.

Karl Anderson                          karl@digicool.com