[XML-SIG] ANN: Narval 1.0

Alexandre Fayolle Alexandre.Fayolle@logilab.fr
Wed, 23 May 2001 11:57:19 +0200 (CEST)

Logilab (www.logilab.com) announces the release of

	Narval 1.0

	GPL'd Intelligent Personnal Assistant Framework


    The engine is now stable as it has been working nicely for the past three
    months. It's also much faster.

    The Horn GUI features lots of usability improvements.

    The infopal application (available separately) is now usable.


Narval is a framework (language + interpreter + GUI/IDE) dedicated to the
setting up of intelligent personal assistants (IPAs).

An Intelligent Personal Assitant is a companion that will help you in your daily
work in the information world. It runs on your machine or on a remote server,
and you can communicate with it via all standard means (email, web, telnet,
phone, specific GUI, etc). It executes recipes (sequences of actions) you wrote,
to perform a wide range of tasks, such as prepare your morning newspaper, help
you surf the web by filtering out junk ads, keep searching the web day after day
for things you want, participe in on-line auctions, learn you interests and
bring you back valuable information, take care of repetitive chores, answer
e-mail, negociate the date and time of a meeting, and much more... It is easy to
extend the built in action library by writing new actions in Python.

Infopal, your information pal, is a Narval application that implements part of
the above, but Narval makes it easy for you to set up new assistants. Others
applications will soon be available from Logilab.

Logilab S.A. is a french company that specializes in the fields of artificial
intelligence, knowledge management, data analysis and natural language

More info

Please see


or contact	contact@logilab.fr

Alexandre Fayolle

Narval is the first software agent available as free software (GPL).
LOGILAB, Paris (France).