[XML-SIG] XLST - Can't show JPEG image from XML abstraction to rendition

gary cor stuff4gary@hotmail.com
Wed, 23 May 2001 13:40:41


I hope someone can help!  I have set up some XSL files which use XLST 
methods to produce tables of information about images which works great!.. 
just using the MSXML 4.0 parser with explorer 5.5.  However, I can't get the 
cells which suppose to show my imagethumbnails to display any images at all 
(the transformations for the tables won't work when they have my x:link for 
them in the XML).

****    IN XSL  *****
<xsl:template match="image">
<xsl:value-of select="picture"/> etc.

****    IN XML  *****
<picture xlink:form="simple"
href="imageLibrary/Sky.jpg" show"embed"

I would be greatful if anyone has any suggestions on how I should go about 
including theses images .

Kind Regards

Gary C

PS  Also in a few months I would like to include SVG images for some 
illustrations that I have... I am under the understanding that I will have 
to use the svg.htc for explorer 5.5 and the <object> tag, does anyone know 
wether it is possible to use the same method for both  images and svg... is 
it easier for me to do with a python parser than the micorosoft one?

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