[XML-SIG] European display solutions that can reduce the impact of the rising gasoline prices.

Sally Daugherty sallyd@internationalexhibits.com
Thu, 24 May 2001 07:19:37 -0700

International Exhibits Inc. is performing a beta test on an e-mail =
marketing campaign to promote our product lines.  The intent is to =
provide an unobtrusive, cost-effective and environmentally friendly =
marketing campaign (compared to bulk mailings and fax-grams that kill =
trees).  We would appreciate your thoughts on our approach.  If you want =
to be removed from our data base please reply with the word "remove" in =
the subject line.  Our hope is that you will visit our web site at =
http://www.internationalexhibits.com. =20

Note:  International Exhibits manufactures 7 product lines and is a =
distributor for another 20 product lines.  I added an attachment on =
several new European Product lines that will be shortly introduced on =
our web site.  We believe that these items will be a cost-effective =
solution to the rising gasoline prices.

If you project any display needs please feel free to contact me at =
www.internatinalexhibits.com or by telephone at (360)769-9726.

Warm Regards,

Sally Daugherty
General Manager
International Exhibits, Inc.