[XML-SIG] Messengers in DOM and XSLT Processors

W. Eliot Kimber eliot@isogen.com
Thu, 24 May 2001 09:22:06 -0500

Using the framework provided with James Clark's SP parser, GroveMinder
(a commercial grove and HyTime implementation sold by Epremis
(www.epremis.com)) provides a very handy messenger facility where you
pass in a callback that takes a structured message as input. Using this
an application can collect messages and do something cool with them. We
use GroveMinder in our distributed link management system and use its
messenger facility. We also use the Python DOM and 4Suite XSLT processor
to do server-side processing and we need to be able to capture messages
and return them to the client. We already have a general messenger
framework in our client and server code. I need to add support for
messengers to the Python DOM and XSLT processors.

Before I dive into this--is this something that's already there and I
just haven't noticed it (I can't claim to have studied every line of
code in detail) or can anyone offer any tips on how to proceed or things
to avoid? 

We would, of course, be contributing any messenger support we added back
to the project (and I'm still working on completing my DOM
fixes/enhancements and packing those up as patches--I should be able to
get that together by the end of next week as it's finally become a
priority here).


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