[XML-SIG] Messengers in DOM and XSLT Processors

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Thu, 24 May 2001 12:02:54 -0600

> Using the framework provided with James Clark's SP parser, GroveMinder
> (a commercial grove and HyTime implementation sold by Epremis
> (www.epremis.com)) provides a very handy messenger facility where you
> pass in a callback that takes a structured message as input. Using this
> an application can collect messages and do something cool with them. We
> use GroveMinder in our distributed link management system and use its
> messenger facility. We also use the Python DOM and 4Suite XSLT processor
> to do server-side processing and we need to be able to capture messages
> and return them to the client. We already have a general messenger
> framework in our client and server code. I need to add support for
> messengers to the Python DOM and XSLT processors.
> Before I dive into this--is this something that's already there and I
> just haven't noticed it (I can't claim to have studied every line of
> code in detail) or can anyone offer any tips on how to proceed or things
> to avoid? 

I think you'd be a pioneer on this one, but I do appreciate your interest in 
taking a few arrows.  I think that decoupled access to DOM and 4XSLT would be 
very useful in general.

> We would, of course, be contributing any messenger support we added back
> to the project (and I'm still working on completing my DOM
> fixes/enhancements and packing those up as patches--I should be able to
> get that together by the end of next week as it's finally become a
> priority here).

Which DOM are you using?  4DOM? minidom? other?

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