[XML-SIG] Running PyXML with debug build on Linux

Jed Burgess jed@osafoundation.org
Tue, 3 Dec 2002 01:48:09 -0800

I did build PyXML using the debug version of Python.  I have it renamed to
be python_d so that I can have both a release and a debug version
coexisting.  It works on Windows, and I am using the same build method to
build 7 other packages.  PyXML is the only one that fails and it only does
so with the debug version on Linux.  Does it work for other people on Linux?
Are there any additional arguments?


> > What can I do to fix this?  Are there any special steps I have to
> > take to get PyXML to work with the debug version of python on Linux?
> You need to build PyXML with the debug version of python.