[XML-SIG] Your esteemed organization's details ..

James Kalassery james.kalassery@businessdigests.com
Fri, 08 Feb 2002 00:18:31 +0000

Dear Sir / Madam:

While searching on the Net for "Art Gallery", and following the various links there, we came across your site and your email address. We thought it would be appropriate to write to you to request your co-operation in our humble mission. Our apologies if this mail interrupted your busy schedule.

We are maintaining a city-wise directory of organizations and websites worldwide. Our mission is to include information about as many websites as possible, for the benefit of all our net-kins. Our aim is to develop this site into a one-stop resource on the net, over a reasonable period of time. Needless to say, that we cannot do all this alone !

We believe your site has appropriate content useful for those who are searching for related information. If your website is also included in our directory, many more people will be able to find you on the net and promote your site as well. 

We have organized the site into four sections. A city-wise category-wise listings section, a city-wise exclusive links listings (in alphabetical order of names of organizations) section, a search section and a software section detailing our free contact and event management software useful to all business-persons and managers. All these sections and the 900+ pages therein are appropriately linked for easy navigation.

At our search section, all visitors can either make a page search or a record search (called Alternate Search) or both. Page search results is a list of URLs of pages containing the search keywords. Record search results is a list of individual listings containing the search keywords. The records search is very popular and more exact, because the results are almost 100% relevant. If you want to see how many organizations in your business category are already listed at our site, go to http://businessdigests.com/template/alsearch.shtml?56003 and type in your keywords there.

If you will be able to kindly spare just two minutes of your busy schedule, you could complete the submission process at our site. The submission and inclusion at our site is FREE of charge and there are absolutely no strings attached. Please believe that we consider it an honor to have your site listed in our directory.

The URLs at our site are given below for your easy reference and navigation:-
Home Page: http://businessdigests.com
Submission Page: http://businessdigests.com/joinfree.shtml?56003
Software Page: http://businessdigests.com/bdcs/selfmngr.htm

Privacy: All information provided by you, except those published on our site, will remain confidential with us and will not be given to anyone for any purpose. Except, of course, when required by the laws of the land.

This email may not have the strong punch of some of those emails written by world famous salespersons. But, we hope we have been able to convey our thoughts clearly and convince you that it is worthwhile co-operating for mutual benefit and for the benefit of all those who might be looking for you. 

We thank you for your time and look forward to your early response.

Best regards,

James Kalassery,
for The BDC Team. 


PS: If you received this mail in error, please return this mail IN FULL with REMOVE in the subject.