[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

Rich Salz rsalz@zolera.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 15:11:10 -0500

> It looks as if you should have made it to SPAM10 for the Web services panel.  
> You would have been the only one with any decent amount of good things to say 
> about SOAP  ;-)

Budgets prevented it; I was invited (twice :).

> Pretty scary when I'd be more comfortable pointing people to a hack like 
> XML-RPC than I would be pointing people to SOAP.

What's wrong with SOAP?  I like it because:
	- Supports more than just sender-receiver; e.g., intermediates.
	- SOAP with Attachments
	- Ability to send XML
	- Richer data types
	- href/id handles pointer aliasing
	- href allows (transparent!) refs to network data
	- extensible architecture (header elements)
	- reasonable size to implement

I don't like XML-RPC because it doesn't have the above. :)

> This also seems to be emerging consensus, in the several communities in which 
> I'm involved.  Besides the ever enthusiastic giants, and the pretenders like 
> IONA, SOAP is losing its shine at an amazing pace.

Not from where I sit.

> Good riddance.

Why?  What do you not like about it?

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