[XML-SIG] GET vs POST (was WSDL library ?)

Dierk Hoeppner d.hoeppner@tu-bs.de
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 10:34:10 +0100

> For all practical purposes, the method can be only "GET" or
> "POST". Those are really synonymous; it is merely a protocol variant
> (i.e. POST can be taken to mean "do not cache", so it is part of the
> protocol header).

Not quite 'synonymous'': GET Options are stored in an environmentvariable QUERY_STRING by 
the server before calling the cgi program. Environment variables mostly have a limited length.
With POST the CGI has to read the standard input. That stream can be much much longer than 

Using POST is safer because you don't need to know which operating system the web server 
runs on.


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