[XML-SIG] Maki: great!

Alessandro Bottoni abottoni@quadrante.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 14:51:39 +0100

I just discovered Maki (http://maki.sourceforge.net/), thanks to Nicolas 
Chauvat. Please, allow me to congratulate Sam Brauer for this very 
interesting project and thank him for having donated this high-quality 
software to the public domain.

Now, a few comments:
1) I found interesting the idea to use embedded Python code for creating 
dinamic XML pages. I think this solution is simpler and probably faster to 
process than the complicated XSP (XML Server Pages) used by Cocoon (see: 
http://xml.apache.org/cocoon) but I would like to hear the opinion of the 
other partecipants of this list regarding this topic. Is an embedded 
scripting language better than a XML-compliant page format for creating 
dinamic web pages? How about content/logic separation? How about developer 

2) On the basis of Maki, it would be a very good idea to develop a "Portal 
system" like "Cocoon Portal" (see: 
This would make much easier and faster to create Python/XML/Maki-based web 
sites and would allow for a wider acceptance of these technologies. Anybody 
is thinking/working on such a system?

3) Does anybody use Maki in a production environment? How about performance 
and stability?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Alessandro Bottoni