[XML-SIG] [Q] Problem in installing 4Suite - 4XSLT

Jinkuk Kim dalsan@sparcs.kaist.ac.kr
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 11:11:29 +0900

[Q] Problem in installing 4Suite - 4XSLT

 Hello, I'm Kim

 I want to use 4Suite to use XSLT in python, but i faced a problem installing it.

 first, I installed python2.2 and it worked well.
 (I downloaded src, and configure, make, make install ..)

 second, I installed PyXML-0.7 and i think it works well.
 because when i typed "from xml.dom.ext.reader import PyExpat"
 no error occured.
 (I downloaded src, and "python setup.py build", "python setup.py install" ..)

 third, I installed 4Suite-0.11.1 and i thought it was installed successfully,
 but when i typed "from xml.xslt.Processor import Processor"
 following error message was printed
 (I downloaded src, and "python setup.py install" ..)

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
 File "/usr/local/lib/python2.2/site-packages/_xmlplus/xslt/Processor.py", line 24, in ?
  from xml.xslt import StylesheetReader, ReleaseNode
 File "/usr/local/lib/python2.2/site-packages/_xmlplus/xslt/StylesheetReader.py", line 53, in ?
  from xml.xslt.Stylesheet import StylesheetElement
 File "/usr/local/lib/python2.2/site-packages/_xmlplus/xslt/Stylesheet.py", line 22, in ?
  from xml.xslt import XsltElement, XsltException, InternalException, Error
ImportError: cannot import name InternalException

 I checked the source file of Stylesheet.py,
 in that, xml.xslt.xpath.InternalException was imported,

 but when I checked site-packages/_xmlplus/xpath
 I couldn't find the definition of InternalException.

 I'm getting very difficulty solving this problem.
 please help solving my problem.

 * This installation was done on both Solaris8 and Debian Linuix,