[XML-SIG] 4suite and pyxml, bug report

Thomas B. Passin tpassin@home.com
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 00:58:15 -0500

[Rich Salz]

> I believe the issue is that PyXML uses None for the no-namespace, and
> 4xslt still uses '' ; the version in their CVS tree uses None.

I found this out a few nights ago, but it only needed a change in one line
to make me be able to run transformations:

in line 83 on xml/xpath/Util.py, change

    if prefix != '':

    if prefix:

(or, if you are a purist,

    if prefix is not None:

There are some other places in other files that could be fixed, but their
detailed construction doesn't seem to be critical, at least to what I was
doing.  The 4xslt batch file in the scripts directory will run with this
patch, for example.

I was going to post this, but I see I'm a bit late...perhaps it's already
changed in CVS.

One point that I've never seen mentioned but that can prevent code from
running is this:  you need to get rid of any .pyc and .pyo files for .py
files you have developed  after you install a new version of pyxml or
4Suite, or you are asking for mysterious failures.  The .pyc files will have
acceptable dates so the interpreter will not try to recompile them, but if
code they reference has been moved or renamed, you will have trouble.

Worth a mention somewhere, I think.


Tom P