[XML-SIG] 4suite and pyxml, bug report

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 08:11:41 -0700

> Hi Uche,
> =

> > We have been promising a release for a month now.  We still expect it=
 any day =

> > now (down to 2 blocking issues).
> =

> Would you mind sharing with the crowd what the two remaining
> release-critical bugs are ? (let's call them RC bugs as I'm getting use=
> to Debian's numerous acronyms :-) Maybe we could find time to help ?

One note of caution: these are blockers for the first alpha, not the fina=
l =

release.  However, work remaining between the alpha and the final release=
 is =

almost all in the server, and is not at all expected to be in cDomlette, =
so =

the alpha should still suit your purposes (being able to point your users=
 to a =

prereq package for Narval 1.2).

Well, you, Alexandre, and Sylvain have already been very helpful with one=
 of =

them.  There are one or more remaining points of cDomlette that lead to =

crashing, and there are known memory leaks.  On some machines 4Suite Serv=
er =

will not run using cDomlette: immediate core dump.

The main problem is that MikeO and I know the code best.  Mike is on vaca=
tion, =

and I cannot reproduce these problems on my machine in order to allow me =
debug =

them: everything runs just fine (and with pleasing speed  :-) ) on my mac=
hine =

with cDomlette.

I think the most useful help would be in beefing up the cDomlette tests (=
in =

4Suite/test/Xml/Core/) so that they reliably reproduce the problems, whic=
h =

should allow me to quickly fix them.  Sylvain said you lot had a stress t=
est =

for cDomlette (though he noted that it's not showing the problems for him=
, =

either), I'd be grateful if some variation on this could be added to the =
test =

suite.  Any other additions should make it easier all the time for me to =
find =

the bugs.

The second blocking issue is a problem with Teud, the Python/XML document=
ation =

software we use, under Python 2.2.  Jeremy is working on this, and the fi=
x may =

be in by now.

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