[XML-SIG] XML Databases and Python

Kendall Clark kendall@monkeyfist.com
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 19:41:13 -0600

>>>>> "mal" == mal  <M.-A.> writes:

  mal> I don't have any experience with ZODB, but one of my customers
  mal> told me that ZODB isn't the right choice if you want to store
  mal> gigabytes of data.

We've been publishing on XML.com lately some articles by Kimbro Staken
about dbXML (now part of Apache project and renamed XML Indice or
somesuch) which is a native XML database.

It uses the XML::DB api which it implements is, imo, very interesting,
and I think it's about time for a Python implementation. I've been
mulling that over, considering whether to use ZODB for disk storage
(i.e, just layering XML::DB over ZODB) or whether to use db to store
data on disk, or what...

If there are folks interested in talking about a Python XML::DB NXD,
I'd like to be part of the conversation. If this list isn't a suitable
place (while this seems kind of a XML and DB SIG 'tweener, I don't see
why this list wouldn't be okay), we can easily find one.

Kendall Clark, XML.com Columns Editor