[XML-SIG] XML Databases and Python

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Sat, 12 Jan 2002 11:22:03 -0700

> > We've been publishing on XML.com lately some articles by Kimbro Stake=
> > about dbXML (now part of Apache project and renamed XML Indice or
> > somesuch) which is a native XML database.
> =

> How come no one mentionned 4SuiteServer yet ? Did I miss the e-mail ?
> =

> 4SuiteServer provides native XML storage in python, but is also more th=
> that. It features automatic RDF generation, RDF querying,
> XSL(T) transformation on the fly, etc. Read more on the website
> http://www.4suite.org/
> =

> And a part of the PyXML code base was contributed by the folks of
> 4Thought. Sounds like worth mentionning to me... (Hi Uche, Hi Mike ;-)

Thanks for the plug.  I didn't even realize this thread matched the subje=
ct =

line.  I read the first message quickly, didn't quite understand it, and =

skipped the whole thread (sort of thing I have to do often these days).

I think you pretty much said all I would have said.  4Suite supports XML =

storage, XUpdates, XSLT/XPath, XInclude/xml:base, RDF and RDF query (usin=
g =

Versa), to mention a few things.  Python and XSLT APIs over HTTP, FTP or =

protocol, a Web-based management dashboard, or just good old command-line=


One note is that we're dropping the name "4Suite server" because it seems=
 to =

confuse a lot of people.  The whole shebang is just "4Suite" now, and the=

server component, now called the repository, is just a built-in component=
=2E  We =

hope to have an available setup option to omit the server code for those =
who =

don't want it.

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