[XML-SIG] Python and XML Tutorial

paul@boddie.net paul@boddie.net
15 Jan 2002 17:13:02 -0000


I recently uploaded a tutorial which deals with Python and XML, and I was 
wondering if this kind of thing is useful to anyone, and in which directions it 
might be developed in order to become more informative:


I'm sure that it isn't so useful to the experts on this list, but I wouldn't 
want to make any information available to a wider audience without being sure 
that the information is accurate and encourages good habits.



P.S. I know that with all the Python and XML books going into print, there 
isn't a huge incentive to make this kind of material available, but then I've 
had such difficulties finding quality, online information about other 
technologies (EJB 2.0 CMP, for example) that I think it's needed.

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