[XML-SIG] 4XSLT Bug Affecting Document()

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 01:00:05 -0700

> While running transformations from Zope using 4xslt from 4suite 0.11.1, I
> found a bug that prevented document() from finding the specified file.  This
> occurs in Windows, when a relative uri is used.  I have hacked up a partial
> fix, but really a more comprehensive fix is needed.
> The problem fundamentally arises (I think) because urlparse.urlparse(uri)
> can wrongly think that a Windows drive specifier is a scheme.


This was also reported on the 4Suite mailing list.

OK.  I give up.  I need help.  I am mostly ignorant of Windows, and have no 
easy way to test anything.

Shall we just put a standard URI resolver class into PyXML/4Suite?  The one 
already in 4Suite could serve as a start.  Then Windows folks could add the 
right sys.platform-specific voodoo, and likewise UNIX users, MAC users, etc.

Then, after this (probably slow) class is set up, we could look at ways of 
optimizing it witout breaking any of the sys.platform-specific algorithms.

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