[XML-SIG] IBM developerWorks articles

Rich Salz rsalz@zolera.com
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 12:32:19 -0500

Jeff Condon sent me a list of all Python articles posted at the IBM
developerWorks site.  I listed the XML ones below; thanks Jeff.

For over a year, IBM developerWorks has been posting a column in it's Linux
Zone called 'Charming Python' by David Mertz and a series on 'Python Web
Services'.  Many of these articles are directly related to XML and are very
popular.    I know you are probably aware of some of these articles, but
this is the whole collection.  I hope this interest your user group.

Jeff Condon

Revisiting XML tools for Python
Get an updated overview of XML tools for Python. Unfortunately, most of the
advances are not backwards compatible.

The Python Web services developer: Part 1:  The world of Python Web services
This article presents an overview and survey of tools and facilities
available for Web services development in Python. This includes built-in
Python features and third-party open-source tools.

The Python Web services developer, Part 2: Web services software
repository, Part 1
Creating a software repository system built on Web services and developed
in the Python programming language. Mike Olson shows you the details of
using the 4Suite open-source XML server with Python to create Web
service-based applications.

The Python Web services developer, Part 3: Web services software
repository, Part 2
Example of a Web service for storing and managing software.

The Python Web services developer, Part 4:  Web services software
repository, Part 3
Building a software repository implemented as a Web service.

The Python Web services developer, Part 5:   Python SOAP libraries
Discussion the various SOAP implementations available for Python, giving
detailed code examples.

Tinkering with XML and Python
A major element of getting started on working with XML in Python is sorting
out the comparative capabilities of all the available modules. In this
first installment of his new Python column, "Charming Python," David Mertz
briefly describes the most popular and useful XML-related Python modules,
and points you to resources for downloading individual modules and reading
more about them. This article will help you determine which modules are
most appropriate for your specific task. (contains sample code)

Charming Python: The dynamics of DOM
In this article, David Mertz examines in greater detail the use of the
high-level xml.dom module for Python discussed in his last column. Working
with xml.dom is illustrated by means of clarifying code samples and
explanations of how to code many of the elements that go into a complete
XML document processing system. (contains sample code)