[XML-SIG] 4xslt not installed?

Matt Gushee Matt Gushee <mgushee@havenrock.com>
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 23:59:38 -0600

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 01:44:19AM -0400, Paul Tremblay wrote:

> I just did a new install of python 2.1.3, of PyXML .7, and of
> 4Suite. 

What version of 4Suite did you install? Unfortunately, 0.11.x and
earlier don't work with PyXML 0.7. That incompatibility could account
for your import error.

> import Ft.Xml.Xslt 

Should work for 4Suite 0.12 series. Earlier versions spelled it
as xml.xslt.

> There is an executable in /usr/local/bin. If I type ./4xslt, then
> I get the standard message, telling me to enter options, so this
> executable appears to be working. However, I can't figure out how
> to use it from the command line! I am used to the xsltproc, where
> I simply type
> xsltproc stylesheet.xsl document.xml.

Actually, I think xsltproc is backwards. Every other XSLT processor
I know of, including 4XSLT, does it:

  <xsltcommand> document.xml stylesheet.xsl

For 4Suite, if you want to specify an output file, you can use the
-o option:

  4xslt -o foo.html document.xml stylesheet.xsl

or use a shell redirect:

  4xslt document.xml stylesheet.xsl >foo.html

To pass a parameter, you can use one or more -D statements:

  4xslt -Dcolor=red -Dstatus=fubar doc.xml style.xsl

Hope that helps a bit.

Matt Gushee
Englewood, Colorado, USA