[XML-SIG] Wiki nature (Was: understanding the sources. wher to start?)

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 11:48:33 +0200

Dinu Gherman wrote:
> Juergen Hermann <jh@web.de>:
>>Same for the wiki, btw. If a page matures to a cohesive 
>>document, it should be moved to the classic docs and 
>>replaced by a link to that.
> That was always the moment of pain with Wikis for me.
> I think few of them are designed in a way that would 
> make it easy to save a page in "cleaned-up, standalone" 
> HTML, that can be easily plugged into some other HTML
> "environment". For me that means there should be no 
> more styles, images, etc. which could conflict with 
> the target environment.
> On the long run I'd even advocate for an option to 
> condense an entire Wiki space into a single PDF file,
> hyperlinked like hell, of course. ;-)

That would be nice :-)

Note that MoinMoin already has a feature to download the
complete wiki as XML file. Perhaps you could tweak that
file format into an auto-formatted PDF file.

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