[XML-SIG] Ann: XML Regular Fragmentation implementation

Eric van der Vlist vdv@dyomedea.com
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 17:21:19 +0200


Regular Fragmentations are a simple vocabulary to fragment XML nodes 
using regular expressions that has been proposed with a Java reference 
implementation last year by Simon St.Laurent:


I am happy to announce a Python implementation with some enhancements 
and an online demonstration if you want to play with it without 
installing the module:


The extensions brought upon Simon's original proposal are currently been 
discussed on xml-dev:


Enjoy and thanks for your feedback,


PS: Don't look too closely at the code, I still feel like a Python 
newbie and have done a very minimal amount of refactoring after my last 
PPS: I have been told that the usage in the Python community was to keep 
documentation to its strict minimum and haven't wanted to break the rule :-)
See you in San Diego.
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